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Spiritual Rags are a trio consisting of Simon Joyner, L. Eugene Methe & Chris Deden who culminate to bring forth one of the finest records in the singer-songwriter tradition. Recorded in 2006 at the bemis center for contemporary arts, these sometimes stark, sometimes grave, and often times hobbled songs flow from an almost otherworldly subconscious. The three have played together off and on for two decades (mostly with methe and deden backing up joyner on here/there recordings and shows) but this finds them all collectively treading on the razors edge...switching up songs and instruments, and at times, seemingly, constructing songs atop one another.  It's almost as if the pages from these tales were scattered upon the concrete floor after being felled by a few bottles of wine. Ballads slowly morph into frantic "psych" territory (and vise-versa) only to be torn down and re-built again. Close to home. Limited to only 300 copies in multi-colored silkscreened "recycled" jackets, each is unique. Co-released with Grotto Records, only a few of these are left!