SPORT OF KINGS: Triumph EP (p+5) Cassette


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Sport Of Kings "Triumph EP (p+5)" (Unread)

ramon speeds (new?) band engulfs your ear drums and dont let go. trials and tribulations seem unimportant as this tape plays on. a side of new song (including two reworked old covers) blows the door off the hinges, and you forget where you were when you was even entering. side two includes 5 songs trapped onto tape live, and blow the door thats on the floor into splinters. includes digital download.

1. Bravery
2. St. John's Day
3. Grand Forks
4. I Withdrew These Strings From You (Ramon Speed)
5. So This Is Superman (Corsair)
6. Charlie Horse / Grand Forks
7. Spoonfuls
8. Virgil's Sword
9. Go
10. Blank Arrow