SUBTROPICS: Music For The Midwest 2xCassette


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The Subtropics "Music For The Midwest" 2xCassette (Unread Records)

the sun is setting, on our holiday...the ocean waves goodbye. goodbye my love, goodbye...THE SUBTROPICS, you will not know. not now anyhow. though you should. i would divulge some secrets, but it seems the members dont wanna me too. which i find both endearing, and obtuse. this huge collection of song, taunts dylans sprockets and song book, has heavy white album curbs from time to time, and lifts pop-rock spectacle to a world in which it should be, and was, at some point. all the while becoming its own distinct thing. the singer-songwriter stays put, and lets everything evaporate around em half fold. true to earth country, folk-ish strum, fried rock, etc. etc. all bundled in some sort of time warp odd concept of sorts as it being "tropical" - though i think its all in their minds. see here there, slap-dashery tin pan type songs worthy of a nickle or three, ala kinks-era concept records and such. it really goes from haunting misery to sun bleached concrete porch and back again in the matter of a hour or two. truthfully - one of the best releases i have had the pleasure of releasing into the world. i hope you agree. all words seem unfitting, so you will have to take my unfitted typed text for it. -Chris Fischer, Unread Records

1. Under the Mango Tree (Part 1)
2. Dietes Moi (Song for Francoise Hardy)
3. Hollywood Lights
4. I Went Out Walking
5. Broken Fretboards & Glamour
6. Above the Bodega Lights
7. Naked King
8. Lover Get Me Outta Here
9. Feelin No Good
10. Both Ways
11. Over My Head
12. Your Nervous End
13. Sleepy Lagoon
14. Ceiling Fan
15. Get Up and Go
16. Under the Mango Tree (Part 3)
17. Under the Mango Tree (Part 2)
18. Peopled Blues
19. Welcome To The (Subtropics Theme)
20. Hello, Blind
21. If It Makes You Feel Alright
22. No Coast Kalypso
23. Dry Land
24. Too Far Gone