BRUCES: Family Day CD


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The Bruces "Family Day" CD (Little Army Recordings/Sing, Eunuchs!)
"Re-issue of old Sing, Eunuchs! cassette (#3) in all its brilliance. This collection of songs sings through the ages and pushes away the harsh winter, or welcomes it, just as it did on the day it was forged. one hell of an important album." - CHRIS FISCHER/Unread Records & Tapes

Extensive "The Legend of The Bruces" liner notes by Simon Joyner.


1. Useless Piano Snake
2. Club Delmar
3. Handgun Demonstration
4. The Lack Of...
5. Capillary Action
6. Grocery Store Song
7. Y is an X
8. Melt Away
9. Family Day
10. The Lights & the Pipes
11. Paternal Dirge
12. Slipknot
13. Two Feet
14. Vaporized
15. Proto-Amphibian
16. Hotel Song
17. Opus Ø: Diminished Pinpoint
BONUS (Live Tracks from Kilgores, Omaha 1993)
18. Auld Lang Syne
19. Dinner Table/Television
20. Killer
21. Polarity B
22. Meaningless
23. Two Feet