DEAD C: This Century Sucks (Record Three in The Twelfth Spectacle)

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Grapefruit Year Four Series (2015, GY4-3)

The Dead C: This Century Sucks (Record Three from The Twelfth Spectacle Set)

A follow-up to last year’s immense Armed Courage is not easy, but The Twelfth Spectacle comes as close as anyone would hope The Dead C to achieve. This is record three from the set, being sold individually as well as part of the set. The four LP set collects live recordings from the past decade by a band whose infrequent performances have become part of their legend. Captured herein is the band at their most dynamic, oblique, challenging and consuming. Each LP has its own title and origin. To wit:

Arena: Recorded at La Dynamo Pantin, Paris and Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, April 2013
Permanent LSD: Recorded at Luminaire, London, December 2006
This Century Sucks: Recorded at The Smell, Los Angeles, March 2002
Year of the Rat: Recorded at The Swap Meet, New York, October 2008

dead c-4

Michael Morley – guitar
Bruce Russell – guitar
Robbie Yeats – drums

Recorded by Gater Bousfield at The Smell, Los Angeles, March 2002

Thanks to: Peter Kolovos, C. Spencer Yeh, Barry Hogan, Ron Ashton, Scott Ashton, Tyler Hubby, Mike Kelley, Sonic Youth, Peaches, Open City.


    Side One

    This Century Sucks Part 1

    Side Two

    This Century Sucks Part 2