The Human Hearts: Another CD


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The Human Hearts: Another CD (Sump Pump Records)

released January 1, 2012

Franklin Bruno: vocals, most guitars, all keyboards, some percussion.
Matt Houser-all drums, most percussion, some vocals

Peter Hughes-electric bass (A3, B1-2, C1, D1, D3)
Dmitry Ishienko-acoustic (A2, C3, D2) and electric (A1) bass.
Laura Cantrell (B3), Molly Pope (C1), Jenny Toomey (C2, D1)-vocals
Pete Galub-lead electric (A1) and acoustic (C2-3) guitar.
Greg McMullen-pedal steel (B1, C3, D1).
Mitch Rackin-rhythm loop (B3. Ted Reichman-accordion (D2).
The Ex-Camino Horns (C1, D3)-John Wriggle (trombone, arrangements), John Lee (tenor sax), Frank Field (trumpet).

Produced by Franklin Bruno Recorded by and mixed with Mitch Rackin at Seaside Lounge, Brooklyn, NY. Additional recording (Vox Continental) by Steve Folta at The Clubhouse, Monclair, CA. Mastered by Jen Munson, Taloowa Corp. Lacquers cut by Paul Gold, Salt Mastering. Pressed by Furnace MFG. Design and original art by David Heatley. Printing by Sheffield Product. All songs by Franklin Bruno, published by Stopgap Measures (BMI). Lyrics: