Twinsistermoon: Then Fell the Ashes CD

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Twinsistermoon: Then Fell the Ashes CD (Blackest Rainbow)

Twinsistermoon is the project of Medhi Ameziane, one-half of the French duo Natural Snow Buildings, who claims "Twinsistermoon songs are often captured on a one take/good take basis; almost unfinished in a sense, like a sketch." Together or solo, however, Ameziane and his partner in Natural Snow Buildings, Solange Gularte, have a proven talent of constructing carefully dense and wonderfully composed albums, weaving a beautiful tapestry of acoustic and electronic instruments, vocals, and non-traditional instrumentation. This third album as Twinsistermoon is a perfect example. Then Fell The Ashes... is an incredible album, originally released in 2010 on LP by Blackest Rainbow. Ameziane is in top form as a composer and arranger, incorporating delicate guitar, chilling soundscapes, field recordings, chimes, swirling vocals, and the perfect balance of distortion and noise from song to song. This CD edition features slightly updated mixes of the music and one bonus song, "A Fallout Shelter For Memories."