V/A - SHRIMPER - A PSST Compilation CASS (Reissue of 1st Shrimper Release)


V/A: Shrimper - A PSST Compilation (Shrimper)

Street Date: September 8th, 2020

Various Artists "Shrimper" (PSST 1) cassette $5.50 cost
The first Shrimper cassette was not on Shrimper, it was on a label called PSST. The name of the only proper release on PSST was a compilation entitled Shrimper. The cassette, “Shrimper” was, for the most part, an amalgamation of various bands related to The Bux (the pre-Refrigerator band of Allen & Dennis Callaci) & KSPC DJ’s. The Jim Bishop Guitar Army, Punk Rock, The Sunday Supper Club & Welfare all featured DJ’s from KSPC; Girlhole, Pigsnuff, Mark, Asshole Mouth & The Satnam Puppets were offshoots of The Bux. Also featured on the tape is a live cut by The Deli Creeps (Featuring gtr maven Buckethead and the unique voicings of Barnum in their bizarro horror/comedy begins), Oskar Meyer (A bridge from the nascent LA punk scene of the late 70’s to the Inland Empire. He was in circles that featured Geza X.  This limited edition reissue includes original cover art as well as the original PSST catalog from 1990.