V/A: My Bonie Bell - A Dunedin Celebration Of Robbie Burns (1759-1796) LP


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Various Artists "My Bonie Bell - A Dunedin Celebration Of Robbie Burns" LP (Zelle Records)

From the Zelle website...
Encouraged by the relative success of our first Robbie Burns comp, Ae Fond Kiss (scroll down for more info on Ae Fond Kiss), that came out in November 2015, we decided three months later to do a follow-up album, i.e. another LP of Robbie Burns songs interpreted and recorded by Dunedinites and in loose cooperation with Toitu‘s Robbie Rocks competition. The deadline  was 15 June 2016, and we are happy to say that indeed all  the tracks are in. Again, the album will feature artists from various generations including quite well known musicians who have had a distinguished career and young talent from the vibrant local scene.


  1. The Sharma Bros: Her Daddie Forbade
  2. Bridget Telfer: Afton Water
  3. Bill Direen: Oh 88!
  4. Quibbok: The Fall of the Leaf
  5. Strang’s Strings & Co: Ae Fond Kiss
  6. Lachie Hayes: O That I Had Ne’er Been Married
  7. Robert Scott: My Bonie Bell
  8. The Tarseals: Coming Through the Rye
  9. Mike Puke: The Charming Month of May
  10. Darryl Baser: Banks of the Bonnie Doon
  11. Roy Møller: The Fall of the Leaf
  12. Partial Fancies: Ae Fond Kiss
  13. David Mitchell: Death At C
  14. Jay Clarkson: Farewell To the Highlands