V/A: The Sigh Of Silver Strings From Suvannabhumi - The Western Stringed Instruments Of Burma LP

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Various Artists "The Sigh Of Silver Strings From Suvannabhumi: The Western Stringed Instruments of Burma" LP (Little Axe)

During the 1800s, various Western stringed instruments came to Burma by means of traders, explorers, and colonizers. These instruments—the acoustic slide guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, and zither—were quickly and ingeniously adapted to the intricacies of Burmese music. The music draws from Burma’s rich vocal tradition, and the centuries-old royal repertoire of the Burmese harp and xylophone. Recorded and produced by RICK HEIZMAN. Limited edition of 500 copies.

1. Wunna Paba
2. Aung Mingalar
3. Mingalar Byo Nyunt
4. Moe Thet Lay Hnin
5. Mya Mann Giri
6. Pa Day Tar
7. Chit Hnin Mhon Mhon
8. Tha Phyan
9. Mmann Taung Let Yar
10. De Saung Hayman