VON SCHLEICHER, KATIE: Bleaksploitation CD

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Katie Von Schleicher "Bleaksploitation" CD  (Ba Da Bing)

Released on cassette last year, Katie Von Schleicher’s Bleaksploitation took the tape world by enough of a storm to thunder demand for more formats. Consequence of Sound described her songs as “like ghosts trying to communicate through a cassette deck”; Paste claims they “sound like a vintage girl group playing in the basement of a haunted house.” This is exciting music from someone we’ll be hearing about for a long time to come. Bleaksploitation was recorded in a dark room on a Tascam 4-track cassette machine. The result is hazy, terrifying and playful. This is what happens when well-crafted songs are made in the moment, warped, drunk on themselves. Von Schleicher’s voice sinks like anchors and rises like a phoenix, wrestling its way through its very own form of basement tapes. ’70s piano rock provides the core, sad lyrics form the shell.

1. Baby Don't Go
2. Move Through
3. Ronny
4. Everything Ending
5. I'm Not The Money
6. Joanna
7. Denver Tonight