Wckr Spgt: Motorboat the Woe CD (Shrimper)


Wckr Spgt: Motorboat the Woe CD (Shrimper)

Motorboat the Woe by Wckr Spgt is the culmination of a successful fundraising campaign, a wonderfully creative experiment, and a year of hard work.

Produced and engineered by the wildly talented LA legend Geza X, these songs explore territory both familiarly challenging and challengingly familiar - "The Charles Sheen" takes its place in the "Charles Mansion" pantheon while "Aranya, The Problem-Faced Spider", a 3-part medley in less than 3 minutes, opens new vistas for exploration.

Michael Gerald, from the formidable band Killdozer, joins Joel for a duet to help you "Put a Little Love in Your Heart", and several of the promised "Future Hits" from 2010's compilation "Smooth Sounds: various artists play the future hits of Wckr Spgt" make their hitmaking debut here in the future.

All in all, this recording is a triumph of will and fortitude. And the songs are pretty good, too.


released May 28, 2014

Wckr Spgt
Dave Carpenter: Bass
Joel Huschle: Vocals
Mark Givens: Guitar
Kyle Brodie: Drums

guest stars:
Michael Gerald: vocals on "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"
Geza X: guitar on "Landers"
Emily Moultrie: background vocals

"Motorboat the Woe" by Wckr Spgt [2014]

All songs written by Wckr Spgt except
"Where Were You" by Jon Langford, Tom Greenhalgh, and The Mekons (Low Noise America Music) and
"Put a Little Love in your Heart" by Jackie DeShannon, Randy Myers, and Jimmy Holiday (Unart Music Corp)

Photography by Anthony Brooks

basic tracks recorded by Paul Roessler at Kitten Robot, Los Angeles
overdubbed and recorded by Geza X at The Vortex, Los Angeles
produced by Geza X