Woods - How To Survive + In The Woods CD

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The Woods’ 2005 debut, initially issued as a double-cassette on the Fuckittapes label, was recorded in two bedrooms with no intention of being shared with the outside world. How To Survive In / In The Woods finds the Woods family at their most stripped-down and primitive. Thirteen cuts of home-cooked measles and grout gingerly pulled out of the spleen of a tape deck are now reissued on the popular LP and CD formats. The Woods are in the midst of touring and recording a follow-up long player due out next year. Check out their almost fully baked humble beginnings on this much sought-after reissue.  “...a combination of campfire folk and strange assembly techniques that should make mouth-breathers everywhere tingle with desire. Indeed, there is much to like about the way these guys play by the numbers, then fall apart and reassemble themselves in different guises. Gotta say, the new folk reaction to noise is pretty damn dandy.” —Byron Coley, The Wire