Youngs, Richard: No Retreat In Comfort CD (2013 Tour Only)

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Richard Youngs "No Retreat In Comfort" CD [2013 Tour Only] (Ba Da Bing)

In his own words: “No Retreat in Comfort was made on a week-long recording bender when I found myself home alone. I remember the weather was dreadful, and I rarely ventured outside. I borrowed a Moog Source, and the album started off as an hour and a half of synth jams. I then fitted the songs to my favourite jams. Having done the recording, it lay dormant for over a year when I remixed it for the tour-only CD. Influences? I don’t think it sounds anything like it, but I have a memory of having heard the bonus disc of the McCartney II re-release at about this time and rather enjoying it. I also recall having a Gaelic Proverb book out of the library.”