YOUNGS, RICHARD: Summer Through My Mind CD

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Richard Youngs "Summer Through My Mind" CD (Ba Da Bing)

For his debut Ba Da Bing release, Summer Through My Mind, the venerable Richard Youngs has yet again pushed himself into a challenging new sphere yet. A renowned musician with over forty albums to his name, Youngs goes somewhere he never has, to the heart of American music, to make a country album. There are elements scattered about – slide-guitar, heartfelt vocals, dark lyricism – but these pieces exist like alienated rocks from a planetary explosion of long ago.

1. Mountain Of Doom
2. Misjudgement
3. Spin Me Endless in the Universe
4. Summer Through My Mind
5. The Future Is So Different Today
6. Story of Jhon
7. Binary Stars Over Venice
8. Goodbye Oslo Rose