YOUNGS, RICHARD: Under Stellar Stream LP


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Richard Youngs "Under Stellar Stream" LP (Jagjaguwar)

[Under Stellar Stream] is a collection of neodruid hymns and chants for the minutiae of homelife and fatherhood; poetic transcendence through repetition and a focus on the (seemingly) micro. Once again proving himself a master of minimalist composition, Youngs also takes leaps forward as a lyricist on Under Stellar Stream, reminiscent of the list incantations of Allen Ginsberg. With this comes a change in Youngs' voice, now less pleading, deeper and more assured. In these atonal, spatial arrangements, each phrase is granted the room to work into the cerebral cortex and perhaps a deeper consciousness. "I am remembering now the waiting on time itself. I am remembering now the value of sleep," recites Youngs' domesticated avatar on opening track "Broke Up By Night," a celtic prayer for the modern man. On "All Day Monday and Tuesday," over droning bass and slow, meandering organ, the grind of the day becomes empyreal: "All day Monday and Tuesday, the room of work, the room of work... All day Monday and Tuesday, the clarity, the clarity."

1. Broke Up By Night
2. All Day Monday and Tuesday
3. Cluster To A Star
4. Arise Arise
5. My Mind Is In Garlands
6. The Bell of Springs